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10 Tips For A Healthy Mouth

10 Tips For A Healthy Mouth

The best way of keeping the cost of dentistry down is by prevention.

  1. Clean your teeth and mouth diligently every day with the right equipment and technique as suggested by your dental health providers.
  2. Eat sensibly, watching the amount of sugar and acidic foods.
  3. Visit a dental practice at least twice a year for regular maintenance and preventive advice. For most people this needs to be a 50-60 minute appointment to be effective.
  4. If you need to have something fixed, it is worth doing right the first time. Short cuts often lead to more costs and worse outcomes.
  5. Expect your dental practice to discuss all treatment options and costs before commencing treatment.
  6. Before making a decision about treatment you should know all benefits and risks. If you are concerned about the fee, it is reasonable for you to ask the dentist to justify those costs and to be enthusiastic about finding other options if necessary.
  7. Carefully consider the benefits of health insurance for dental treatment. There is every chance that it is making dentistry more expensive.
  8. Insurance companies will try to lure you to their clinics by making it sound cheaper. This may be by offering “no gap” treatment or by inferring that they provide a higher rebate at their preferred practices.
  9. Insurance companies by law are not allowed to provide a lesser rebate for patients that go to a private practice. Additionally they only offer “no gap” on cheaper treatments. If you need a crown or an implant you will pay a gap.
  10. Finally, only go overseas for a holiday!

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