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The importance of keeping your dental appointments

The importance of keeping your dental appointments

One of the biggest pressures our practice has to deal with on a daily basis is patients cancelling or rescheduling appointment at short notice. Our front office coordinators go to great lengths to remind patients of upcoming appointments to avoid having downtime in the appointment books.

Lack of sufficient notice means appointments can often go to waste and this in turn makes it harder for you to get another appointment. Our scheduling coordinators spend 3 or 4 hours filling holes in our books due to late reschedules. This is time that would be better utilised tending to the needs of the patients that are in the practice on the given day.

Priority stand-by lists are a very important tool and are used to help manage and juggle the needs of patients. When booking appointments, our coordinators are often working to a range of needs, for both the patients and the clinicians. Timing is a big factor, a lot of appointments need to be in a series and spaced with certain timings.

This is where the standby list is utilised to help with this process. All patients that are unable to achieve an appointment in the time frame requested by the clinician go onto the standby list. The practice is then able to contact you as soon as an appointment becomes available in the required period and the times preferred by you.

Our front office coordinators do a fantastic job in getting most people into appointments within the specified times requested. To ensure they can do their job as effectively as possible, please respond to all confirmation prompts as soon as possible.

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