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Choosing Your Dentist

10 Reasons to Choose Us

Whilst there are a range of general dental practices and some dedicated dental implant providers, we are unique in that we can provide a greater range of services at the highest possible level all under one roof. From our experience to our passion, we are sure that you will enjoy your appointments at our practice.

All Aspects of Dentistry Under One Roof

We are proud to be one of the few dental practices in the Inner West area that offer all facets of dentistry from orthodontics, children’s and general dentistry to oral maxillofacial surgery, dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation. The extraordinary combined experience and decades of advanced training of our clinicians, who work closely together as a team, is only one of the many assets and strengths setting us apart from other dental practices.


We are one of the most experienced providers of implant treatment in the area, spanning experience of over 10 years. We treat patients with dental implants every day and have placed almost 1000 implants, and thousands of crowns and veneers. We do all aspects of dental treatment and restorative dentistry usually in house or with a small number of highly trained consultants.

Comprehensive Initial Examination

To make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for you, we must know the exact condition of your mouth as it is today.  Due to the many parts of a comprehensive initial examination, it cannot be adequately done in the short 20-minute consultation offered by many practices.  For this reason, we schedule a 60-minute appointment for your initial visit to The Dental Practice and The Inner West Dental Implant Centre. Subsequent consultations are free of charge until such time you have made an informed decision on your treatment. We want to provide you with the best oral care possible and that starts with a thorough dental examination.

Affordable, High Quality Treatment

We are committed to providing affordable treatment options of the highest standard using only the best quality materials and components.  We avoid using cheaper products that we believe increase the risk of treatment failure. All our work is hand crafted in Australia by Australian dental technicians. When you come to us we will always tell you about all the viable treatment options that we believe will work and allow you to choose the one that suits your requirements. Where possible we provide plans and payment options that allow you to spread the cost over a longer period. As a team we are committed to our patients for life, at what we believe to be the most competitive fees available.

A Gentle and Caring Environment

Caring for our patients is our passion! We are trained in looking after even the most nervous patients as we offer various relaxation techniques including sedation and general anaesthesia.

Extensive Training and Qualifications

In Australia, any dentist can do dental implant treatment; there is no requirement for specialised qualifications. At The Dental Practice and The Inner West Dental Implant Centre however, our dentists have examinable university qualifications and extensive training and we frequently attend continuing education seminars all around the world. In addition, there is currently no requirement for formalised training of dental assistants in Australia, however at The Dental Practice all staff have formal qualifications or are currently attending training courses.

QIP Acccredited Dental Centre

The Dental Practice and The Inner West Dental Implant Centre is an accredited dental practice. This practice accreditation gives our patients a quality measurement, that their practice is compliant to the National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards (NSQHS). In short, this means quality assurance, and peace of mind for you and your family.

Innovation in Treatment

We provide many treatments which would not normally be carried out in a general practice, thus allowing us to provide a wider range of treatment options to our patients. In conjunction with our Sydney based, OHPA accredited dental laboratory we have been at the forefront of dental technology for many years. We were one of the first practices in Australia to:

  • Provide all aspects of implant dentistry
  • Provide metal free restorations including the use of Zirconia
  • Use in-house Cone Beam CT scanning
  • Place immediate dental implants following tooth removal

Strict Adherence to Infection Control

The Dental Practice is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all patients and visitors while providing a safe and healthy work environment for all staff. Our sterilisation equipment is state of the art and our infection control procedures are second to none. We follow strict protocol in accordance with the ADA guidelines and continue to maintain and regularly update our knowledge ensuring we exceed standards at all times. Whilst these values are not universal in the profession, they will always be of the highest priority at The Dental Practice and The Inner West Dental Implant Centre.

After hours’ service

Dental emergencies happen at all hours and if you are a patient of the practice we will endeavour to help you no matter when it is required.  

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