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Sedation Dentistry Sydney

No longer do you need to feel anxious or nervous about attending the dentist. At The Dental Practice, we understand your apprehension and are proud to be able to provide a range of relaxation therapies to make your dental experience more comfortable and relaxing.

There are different types of sedation available to you at The Dental Practice. They are:

Inhalation sedation

Otherwise known as ‘laughing gas’, this is where you breathe nitrous oxide during your procedure. This will help you to relax and not feel as anxious about the treatment you are having. Once the gas is turned off, you are able to return to your daily routine as there are no after affects with this type of sedation.

IV sedation

This is where you are sedated via an intravenous needle in your arm. The benefit of this procedure is it works immediately once the drug is administered leaving you relaxed and comfortable for us to continue with treatment.

Oral sedation

This is a safe and proven method of relieving the stress and anxiety that can sometimes accompany dental procedures. It involves the administration of sedative medicine approximately one hour prior to your treatment. Our main priority is to provide gentle treatment with thoughtful communication, so even the most nervous patient should feel quickly at ease.

The main benefit of sedation is that you are more relaxed about dental treatment and tend to remember very little about the procedure. You are however, still awake throughout the process and can still respond to instructions from our clinical team.

Before Treatment

You are asked not to eat for at least 3 or up to 24 hours and refrain from smoking at least 24 hours prior to your procedure. It is also vital to inform us of any prescribed or over the counter medications you may currently be taking and of any medical conditions, especially if they prevent you from fasting. However, do not stop taking your usual medications unless specifically instructed to do so.

You will need to remove any false fingernails or nail polish as these can interfere with the sensor used to monitor your heart rate and oxygen levels as this is attached to your finger.

After Treatment

You will feel drowsy following sedation therapy, therefore you will need to be escorted home by a responsible adult who can stay with you. No patient will be allowed to travel home on public transport or be discharged from The Dental Practice until their escort has arrived. You should not operate machinery, motor vehicles, smoke or consume alcohol for at least 24 hours following sedation therapy.

Cost of the procedure

Sedation therapy is an additional clinical procedure which requires specialist medications and equipment for both sedation and the safe recovery of patients. There may be an additional cost for this which will be discussed with you prior to treatment commencing.

Can I request sedation if I’m afraid of the dentist?

You may be able to receive nitrogen oxide to relax you during your appointment. This will depend on the state of your health and the recommendation of your dentist. We will always strive to provide sedation or relaxation techniques to patients who are afraid. We want to work with you and help you feel at home.

Where can I visit a sedation dentist in Burwood?

Here at The Dental Practice in Burwood we offer sedation dentistry to our patients. Whether you’re afraid or if you need surgery, you will be able to benefit from our sedation options.

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