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About The Dental Practice Burwood.

Experience, professionalism and results.

The Dental Practice Burwood is a family dental practice dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality dental treatments. Our team and consultants make it easy for patients of all ages to have a happy and healthy smile. The Dental Practice Burwood has been providing family dental care in the area for many years. It is independently owned and operated by Dr Samuel Gidaro.

Over the years the practice has been home to some of the finest dentists of the era, many who have gone on to very successful careers in their own right.

The Inner West Dental Implant Centre was set up as a separate entity from our thriving general practice in 2004 and is dedicated to the treatment of tooth loss, advanced dental disease and dental cosmetics. The Inner West Dental Implant Centre shares premises and staff with our general practice allowing us to treat a much greater range of patients and provide ongoing maintenance for those who have completed their treatment.

The Inner West Dental Implant Centre

So what does our unique history mean for you as a patient at The Dental Practice? You will be looked after by a team that are absolutely committed to maintaining a reputation of excellence and commitment to the highest of standards. It is in “our DNA”, our level of care, experience and expertise to ensure that you receive the best dental treatment available.

Today The Dental Practice and The Inner West Dental Implant Centre provide a large range of treatment options including general dentistry and the comprehensive treatment of:

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