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Fixing Broken or Chipped Teeth can be Easy & Affordable with Dental Crowns

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, and with advances in tooth replacement and dental crowns, you can also have one by visiting our professional dentists in Burwood.

What is a Crown?

A crown, which is sometimes referred to as a cap, is a gold or porcelain restoration that is designed to completely encase a single tooth. Crowns provide strength and support to a tooth that has become weak. This can be caused by decay, loss of a large filling, if you have sustained a fracture in an accident or undergone root canal therapy, which can result in much of the tooth’s natural structure being lost.

Being highly versatile in their application and natural in appearance has led to crowns becoming the most utilised of all restorative dental solutions.

When Crowns are necessary

Crowns are needed when a tooth has a significant amount of structural damage and a normal filling would not be adequate. This damage can be caused by decay, trauma or wear. Some examples include:

Placing The Crowns

The procedure can vary depending on the situation but in most cases, the tooth is reduced in size by about 0.6mm. A mould is then taken of the upper and lower teeth and sent to our laboratory where the crown is made. With the help of our technician, a record of the colour of your adjacent teeth is taken so the crown can be matched to your teeth. A temporary crown is placed which you will wear until the final crown is made. At this time the temporary crown is removed the final crown fitted and adjusted to fit your bite exactly. It is then cemented with a special adhesive.

When we recommend a crown we always consider your individual needs to ensure the procedure is as pleasant as possible. Any concerns that you have will be addressed before we begin.

Are all crowns the same?

Definitely not! Broadly speaking, crowns can be classified into 3 main types:

The ideal choice of the crown will be discussed with you before or at the preparation visit.

A WORD OF WARNING… Many dentists who place cheaper crowns use porcelain bonded to cast non-precious metal and often have them made overseas to save cost. We will never use these types of crowns, as they are inferior in every way.

The Advantages Of Dental Crowns

Crowns are the strongest possible solution for damaged teeth and if done well should function for many years. They are made to match the colour and shape of your natural teeth.

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