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Free Yourself from Pain Caused by Infection with Root Canal Therapy.

With new treatment techniques, specially developed fine instruments and various anaesthetic options available, our dentists in Burwood can help you retain your own teeth for as long as possible.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is recommended to relieve pain caused by an infection of a tooth’s pulp (often called the nerve). This treatment will allow us to save a tooth that without treatment could develop an abscess, cause severe pain and irreversible damage to the surrounding jawbone and consequently require removal.

Root Canal Symptoms

An infected tooth does not always cause pain, so you may be unaware of a problem. However, as the infection develops, the severity of pain will increase. Some symptoms to indicate an infection include:

What does the procedure involve?

Following a thorough examination, which will include detailed x-rays, we will explain the procedure in depth and answer any questions you may have.

Root canal is done in three stages:

Stage 1: all canals are located and negotiated to the tip of the tooth root.

Stage 2: all canals are shaped to receive a root filling

Stage 3: a root filling is placed to fill the inside of the tooth

How many visits does it take?

On average, root canal treatment will take one to three visits. Every effort is taken to ensure that treatment is successful and this involves placing an antibiotic dressing inside the tooth between visits.

What’s next?

While root canal treatment deals with the treatment and prevention of pain and infection, the tooth still remains weak and prone to breaking. As a small amount of tooth structure is often left, we usually recommend a crown to be placed on the tooth in the future to prevent fractures and possible loss of the tooth. If you want to know more, speak to our dental team.

Aftercare for your treated tooth & root canal

An effective oral hygiene routine of brushing twice a day and flossing once a day are essential. With regular active maintenance appointments with our hygienists every six months, this will keep your teeth and gums healthy and help avoid the need for future treatment.

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