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For many people sleep is neither relaxing nor restful

Over 80% of adults snore, with some snorers being recorded as loud as 90 decibels, equal to a vacuum cleaner at a three-metre distance! In addition to disrupting sleeping patterns, loud snoring may also indicate the more concerning condition of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), which our Burwood dentists can assist with.

What is Sleep Apnea therapy?

Sleep Apnea therapy is recommended to relive a potentially serious sleep disorder in which ones breathing repeatedly stops and starts while they are sleeping. This treatment will allow you reduce the the underlying factors that contribute to the disfunction breathing patterns to regain a healthy sleep.

What happens when you sleep?

As you drift off to sleep the muscles responsible for holding your airway open begin to relax, allowing the soft tissue at the back of the throat and your tongue to collapse and obstruct the air flow. This causes an insufficient amount of air to enter the body. As a response to this, your brain sends a message to the rest of your body causing you to partially wake and gasp for air.

Once your breathing resumes you fall back to sleep. Most of the time you won’t ever remember waking up however if this happens continuously throughout the night you may feel fatigued in the morning even after a full nights sleep. In severe cases people can wake up to several hundred times a night with non-breathing lasting anywhere from 10 seconds up to 1 minute!

The Solution

Many patients of The Dental Practice have had great success using the SomnoMed MAS™ to treat snoring and OSA. By moving the lower jaw forward slightly the airway is enlarged and held open. The SomnoMed MAS™ looks a little like a double sports mouthguard and is worn during sleep. It is custom-made to fit over your teeth comfortably.

If you wake feeling un-rested or your partner’s snoring is keeping you up at night, call and schedule an assessment appointment with one of The Dental Practice team so you can have something you have not had for some time, a peaceful night’s sleep.

If following your assessment with our dental team, a serious sleep disorder is suspected, we will recommend you see your GP who can refer you to a specialist sleep clinic for further treatment solutions.

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