Pascale Chung


From a young age, Pascale harboured a deep fascination for the dental industry, drawn to the prospect of engaging with diverse individuals and contributing to their oral well-being. While pursuing higher education, the role of an Oral Health Therapist emerged as her foremost choice.

With a vibrant personality, Pascale excels in creating a comfortable atmosphere for patients during their appointments. Her commitment extends beyond the confines of the dental practice, as she has engaged in outreach work, traversing schools across NSW and VIC with a mobile dental van.

Within the dental setting, Pascale adeptly manages patients of all age groups, addressing their dental hygiene needs while fostering friendly conversations. Beyond the professional sphere, Pascale’s passion extends to rigorous workouts at the gym, indulging in bouldering adventures, and cherishing moments with her cherished circle of family and friends.

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