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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of dental implants depends significantly on the type of treatment involved as there are many options for replacing missing teeth.

When patients lose a tooth normally the first thing they ask us is how much it will cost, and of course our answer is always it depends. There are many factors which will determine the overall cost of your dental implant treatment which we will discuss with you during your initial consultation, but to help you prepare we will go through some of these factors today.

Cost Factor 1: Recommended Treatment

There are different solutions available to you depending on whether you have one missing tooth or more. The treatments we offer at our state of the art dental implant centre in Burwood include All-On-4, single dental implant restorations, multiple dental implant restorations and implant supported dentures. All of these treatments vary significantly in price, beginning with single dental implant solutions and ending with All-On-4 which requires much more work and therefore is of a higher cost.

Cost Factor 2: Your dental health

In order to receive dental implant treatment you need to be in an ideal state of dental health. The good news is that as The Inner West Dental Implant Centre is partnered with our general dental clinic The Dental Practice, we can help you get there. Treatment to get your dental health up to scratch is then added to the full cost of your dental implant procedure.

Why does dental health matter?

The dental implant procedure involves a process called osseointegration which involves the implant integrating with your existing jawbone. The success of this process is not guaranteed and your chances can decrease if you suffer from certain illnesses or if you smoke (which dehydrates you). Illnesses such as gum disease which stem from poor oral health can be treated at our sister clinic The Dental Practice so you have the best chance of dental implant success.

Find out more about our dental implant procedures:

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We use advanced technology to complete our dental implant procedures including Nobel Biocare and their range of technology. These tools make a big difference to how effectively we can design and place implants as your treatment plan is managed digitally and completed using Nobel Clinician for accurate placement.

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