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All-on-4 at our Burwood, Sydney practice is an effective and efficient technique to replace a full arch of teeth – prices starting from $19,500.

Using 4 dental implants in the upper or lower jaw to secure a permanent set of natural-looking, replacement teeth.  The All-on-4 technique is a long term, permanent solution that results in a natural-looking smile and strong, secure support for everyday life.

All on 4 Dental Implants Illustration

What are the benefits of All on 4?

In short it provides you with most of the same benefits of have a healthy set of natural teeth. There is substantial evidence that having poor teeth does much more than make it more difficult to eat and embarrassing to smile. Lost or unhealthy teeth have also been linked with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, pneumonia and depression.

Unlike those with missing teeth or dentures, patients with All-on-4 can enjoy:

  • A permanent set of teeth that look and feel natural
  • A permanent set of teeth that won’t fall out at embarrassing moments
  • An uncovered upper palate allowing for more taste when enjoying meals
  • A stable bite allowing you to eat any types of foods you enjoy
  • Reduced sagging around the mouth which would normally make the face look older
  • No more adhesives, creams or nightly removal
  • No more sore spots or gagging

All-On-4 provides you with an opportunity to start over with something that feels very similar to having healthy natural teeth again including hopefully improving length and quality of your life.

Do I need after care?

Careful after care is essential. You need to visit the dentist 3 times in the first 6 weeks and then 4-6 monthly indefinitely. This after care is critical to the success of the treatment and health of your new smile.

Do all dentists perform the All-on-4 technique?

Definitely not, although there are more and more dentists offering this treatment without the necessary training and experience.  The All-on-4 procedure is carried out by a highly training team that will include 1 or 2 dentists, dental technicians, dental chair side assistants and support staff. If you choose a general anaesthetic or sedation, there will be a doctor to administer it and keep you safe during the procedure. The dentist who heads the team should have a university qualification related to dental impacts and plenty of experience in implant surgery.

How much does All On 4 Implants cost?

A single arch starts from $19,500 however there is no standard fee and prices vary widely. There is also a big variation in what the fee covers so it is quite hard to compare between practices. Once we have completed an examination, we will give you an accurate quotation based on your unique treatment plan.

Are there other options?

There are several options for treating people who have lost all their teeth, some of which are much less expensive. We always endeavour to ensure you are aware of all your treatment options so you can make an informed decision which will also suit your budget.






Upper and Lower All On 4


Upper All On 4 Ceramic Bridge and Lower Implant Bridges


Upper All On 4 Ceramic Bridge


Upper and Lower All On 4 Bridges


Upper and Lower All On 4 Bridges


Have you been managing your way through life with an unstable or an alternative solution?

Many people go through life putting up with the complications that are associated with unstable and alternative solutions. Always having to manage and watch what you eat can be taxing and unpleasant. If you have realised that you no longer want to deal with the complication you previously decided to endure. Now could be the right time to learn more about the All On 4 fixed implant solution.

Contact us below for more information and get ready to start biting into all the foods you have been avoiding.


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