Dr Amelia Judson

Associate Dentist

(BDSc, APCA, DSD Master)

At the age of 12, Dr Amelia made the decision to embark on a path towards becoming a Dentist. In her perspective, dentistry represents the perfect blend of science, engineering, medicine, and art, offering the means to enhance smiles and unveil the best version of oneself to the world.

Dr Amelia believes within the initial 7 seconds of encountering a new individual, psychosocial judgments and assumptions are formed based on their facial appearance. This is precisely why she is passionate about her profession, as she recognises the profound impact a beautiful smile can have on a person’s confidence, influencing various aspects and opportunities in their life.

Dr Amelia has gained a deep knowledge of cosmetic and implant digital dentistry and has collaborated internationally with inventors and designers of many of the software I use. Her expertise was recognised in 2022 when she was recognised as the youngest Digital Smile Design Master in the world. 

During her leisure hours, Dr. Amelia indulges in a range of sports, including water polo and golf, all while savouring delightful meals in the company of friends.

Dr. Amelia speaks fluent Chinese. 

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