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Why Do I Suddenly Have More Cavities?

Have you recently started getting cavities despite having healthy teeth and gums most of your life? To help you understand why this might be happening, we’ve compiled a list of possible reasons for this sudden influx.

Can stress cause cavities?

Yes! It is widely known that stress expresses itself throughout your body. You are likely to experience increases in blood pressure and inflammation throughout the body as your immune system is on high alert. Your mouth is not exempt from this. The mouth and gums have a lot of blood vessels under the surface and are likely to express inflammation and redness when the body is under stress. Inflamed gums can cause weakening of the teeth which, in association with sugary foods and bacteria, can lead to cavities.

A common habit when patients are under stress is the clenching and grinding of teeth. This practice can cause excessive force to teeth wearing down protective enamel and causing cracks or fractures. Weakened teeth are more susceptible to cavities. We can treat this condition with a splint or mouth guard worn at night. This stops further damage from occurring to teeth, maintaining their strength and health.

Have you changed your routine lately?

Changes in routine and lifestyle factors can reveal the reason for an increase in cavities. These changes could be anything – a new job, a new exercise routine, a change in diet or even a new relationship. All these lifestyle changes can have follow-on effects that lead to an increased risk of decay.

Coming home later at night could mean you forget to brush more often than usual. A new favourite restaurant or increase in coffee could mean you are ingesting more sugars or acids than before. An increase in exercise could mean your mouth is dry, removing the natural cleaning processes that occur from saliva.

Considering any recent lifestyle changes could reveal the root of your cavity problems. Many of these changes can be rectified easily by drinking more water, reducing sugar intake or setting reminder alarms for teeth brushing if necessary.

Have you recently had a cold?

Your efforts to kick that nasty cough might be the reason for you increase in cavities. Many cough lollies, mixtures and even natural remedies are high in sugar and acid which are detrimental to your oral health, particularly when you are sucking on them throughout the day. Increased bacteria in your mouth during sickness don’t help either. Bacteria react with sugars turning them into acids which erode healthy enamel leading to decay.

Ageing teeth

Did you know your teeth change as you age? This can present in shifting and moving position as mouth muscles relax and bone structures change. This can cause overlapping and gaps where there were none before which can compromise your cleaning technique. Food can get caught more easily, and it may become harder to brush and floss. This will increase your risk of cavities as your teeth aren’t getting the clean they need.

If you have noticed your teeth move over the years and would like to rectify this problem, The Dental Practice offer a range of discreet straightening options ideal for adult patients.

Receding gums are another common condition that occurs to ageing teeth, especially for patients who have suffered gum disease in the past. As gums recede, they reveal more of the underlying tooth. This section of the tooth isn’t protected by enamel and is therefore more at risk of damage and decay.

If you are experiencing a sudden influx of cavities and think you may have an underlying issue, contact The Dental Practice today! We offer comprehensive and compassionate dental care to all patients and would be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

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